Custom made furniture


Modular furniture complements with standard measurements is sometimes inadequate for your space. Since your home is a unique living space designed according to your personal preferences, taste and style, it makes sense to finalize your interiors with furniture that is custom made for that space.

Everything in your home is a reflection of who you are your personality, sense of style and lifestyle. The furnishing in your home should be adapted to space according to your needs. Whether you need a certain piece of furniture to be made to measure to fit the space in your home, or you just can’t find the perfect style you are after, either way, your home should be functional and personalised in order to provide a comfortable ambient.

Not only the element organisation, also the dimensions are planned according to users ergonomics – the height of worktop, width of work desk, bed dimensions, etc.

Last but the least is materials and colour personalization. The varnishes, paints, texture – all will match your requirements and will create visual harmony.

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